Understanding Thailand’s Silver Jewelry

Thailand is blessed with enough natural resources to make their own jewels. It has a rich cultural heritage that has attracted academics from around the world while for performing its various traditions, one has to be extremely detailed oriented. Thailand is also known for its diverse range of jewelry and is a top draw among tourists visiting this country.

Silver jewelry is easily available in Thailand and is known for their versatility. Its charming beauty and rich luster makes them suitable for any type of wear. Not too long ago, it was gold that used to be the first choice among jewelry lovers. Its simple elegance and grace made it easy to match with apparel of almost any type while also ensuring an instant upgrade to make things just right for a formal evening. However, gold has an inherent problem – its high cost.

Apart from being more expensive, gold is also not as widely available as silver is. It is these reasons that have contributed to a steady rise in popularity of jewelry made from silver over gold and has shot silver into limelight that was once the exclusive preserve of the yellow metal. Jewelry made from silver is big business in Thailand, which is a major exporter of silver and gold jewelry that conforms to the strictest tests for quality and luster. Jewelry made in Thailand also scores high on practicality and would in fact, last a lifetime if taken proper care of.

About taking good care of jewelry made from silver, a solution called silver cleaner especially made for this can do a good job. This solution prevents tarnishing and peeling, all of which are the signs of improper usage. Silver may be more in abundance but it is also prone to get sullied much more easily than gold. Hence, silver jewelry calls for greater care than what is needed in case of gold.

Another reason that has added to the mass appeal of silver is the many myths that have come to be associated with the metal down the ages. As per legends, silver is always looked upon as the destroyer of bad spirits, as something that can fend off anything that is sinister and evil. So we have silver bullets, tridents or other weapons made of silver that is believed to have a role to play in repelling vampires or werewolves alike. Such an intuition has led many tribes as well as cultures who believe in such stuff to adopt silver as a means of protecting themselves and which they generally wear on their body. Legends might not always be true, but then there’s no harm trying.

Silver jewelry comes in a fascinating range of exquisite design that is just as fabulous as is the case with gold. So there’s not much to differentiate one from the other as far as design is concerned. Owning jewelry made of pure silver is also a nice investment option and will be worth quite something after some time if they continue to be as dazzling as new. Along with jewelry of other types, Thailand’s silver jewelry promises to make things all the more charming for its owner.